Coronavirus Update

The ever changing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is something that we are monitoring and taking very seriously at CARPE OMNIA. 

We want to ensure you that we are taking all necessary health protocols and precautions in fulfilling each order. The health and safety of our community—our employees, customers, and partners—is our top priority.


When ordering know that you'll get your items. We won't accept any orders we can't fulfil. As there are a number of health protocols to be followed some orders may be delayed. We ask that if your order is delayed to be mindful of the current situation we are in. Shipping to the UK, Ireland, US and Europe is still totally acceptable and orders are being shipped/received daily.

If anything further changes, we will update you immediately.

Trust and transparency is something we take very seriously and if there are any questions you may have you can reach out to us via email; or

Stay safe,

Michael & John McKeown