Our waist (inches) is true to size and we recommend the below leg length for #ThePerfectFit

Leg Length

X-Short (26")  -  For heights up to 5Ft 8" (172cm)

Short (28")  -  For heights up to 5Ft 11" (180cm)

Regular (30")  -  For heights up to 6Ft 2" (188cm)

Long (32")  -  For heights up to 6Ft 4" (193cm)



How to Guide for Finding your Measurements:

*For most accurate results, have someone else help with the measurements.*

Bottom Measurements

Waist - start measuring from the top of your hip bone, all the way around your body, level with your belly button.

Leg Length - start measuring from the lowest part of the crotch area on the inside leg down to your ankle.


If you are unsure with sizing please do not hesitate to contact us at and we can help recommend #ThePerfectFit.