Nike's Collapsable Heel

Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase

Have you checked out Nike's new Air Max 90 FlyEase runners?

The shoe and its construction shatters all previously held notions of what a slip-on sneaker entails.

The heel collapses when you step in then snaps back into place, providing quick, easy access to one of history's most iconic sneakers. FlyEase is all about making runners easier and this definitely ticks this box.

Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase

This is really convenient for those people who don't bother untying their shoelaces and slide on their shoes, crushing the back of the heel. These shoes bend in and snap back making a crushed heel a problem of the past.

What do you think? Would this make life a lot easier? Would you rock these runners with a pair of our jeans? Let us know in the comments below!

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